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Elevate your life and career with Voice of Won’s dynamic coaching system developed by Zig Ziglar coach and trainer, Steve Collins.

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Knowledge isn't power; EXECUTION is power! The power of knowledge is activated when massive action is taken!

Have you ever been to an event, read a book, read an article, listened to a blog or podcast, and had an “Aha“ moment?

Voice Of Won’s Knowledge to Action Worksheet is designed to take the information you learned, and create a system to process your thoughts for IMPLEMENTATION.

The questions in this form will cause you to think through the process of implementation, and commit to an action as evidence of your intention to apply what you have learned - perfect for when you attend a teaching, seminar, event, read a book, or even church!

Create the practical outcome you hoped for by taking informed action from your recent class, teaching, or system!

What is The Great American Speak Off?

Think "American Idol" and "Dancing with the stars" for America’s most powerful Speakers! In 2023 and 2024, over 18,000 applied, and 6,000 auditioned. The semi-finals held in Miami narrowed it down to the Top 150 day one, Top 30 the morning of day two, and the top 10 that evening. Steve won a spot in the top 10 for the 2023/2024 Great American Speak Off!

Be confident knowing you will be getting one of the best of the best speakers in America for YOUR event!

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Unleash your power, passion and purpose with Voice of Won’s unique performance coaching. Whether you are a C-suite executive looking for a competitive edge, a business owner, or ready to commit to intentional personal growth and development, our coaches can give you the tools to excel.

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Infuse your company or organization with a burst of power, passion, and purpose. Steve’s wisdom and prolific storytelling will invigorate and inspire your team, while outlining tangible, modern strategies and tactics, to help them excel in their life and profession.

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Voice of Won will train you to become an executive performance coach. Our proven, proprietary system was designed to create powerful clarify and strong accountability. If you’re living your best life, and would like to help others, check out the opportunity.

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Membership into the VOW Vault of Wisdom does more than provide  information, it brings understanding and revelation so that you can immediately implement the powerful strategies to build mastery in your craft!  No more knowledge for knowing, this is knowledge for doing!

Training, support, scripts, and live interaction are all of the keys to success that will power your real estate business to the next level! Coach Steve is not just focused on making you a better real estate agent. He is focused on helping you become a better spouse, parent, friend, and business leader!!

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Now more than ever, having a clear direction is crucial.
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“The research says that those people who are most accountable and have a coach are the most productive and most financially successful on the planet, by a long shot, not a little. They are 77% more likely to do what they need to do. “
Gary Keller, CEO of Keller Williams

Find Out How We Cultivate Success

I can't stand coaches. I think most business coaches are people who have tried to make a career out of something, couldn't and somehow decided that they were now qualified to coach others. I think life coaches are generally people with an Instagram account who like to "inspire" people by copying and pasting memes that they stole from another "life coach's" Instagram account. Steve is a bit different. He's not a coach because he failed at something. He's a coach because he succeeded at something, but found more fulfillment in helping others. Instead of one main focus to his coaching program that tries to force everyone into the same little box, Steve personalizes his coaching program to each individual client. Some people need better time management. Some folks have great work habits but their home life is in shambles. Some people need to change their thinking about money. Some people just need to go vent. Each client is different and Steve helps to pinpoint the areas in life we need to focus on to get that well rounded life, instead of just a "rah, rah, you can do it" session.

Kevin Crawford – Broker & Owner of Crawford Luxury Properties
Coming from the lending world, people don’t realize how much overlap we have in common problems that we encounter daily. Its not a mystery that folks in the real estate industry can come in with stress that they cant pin point how to fix as perspective is lost. Steve was this voice for me. When I met steve I charged him w the aspect of bringing out the why, my cause, and the balance I was searching for. Better yet, I found that I had a trusted partner that could mentally reset my weeks, months and partnerships, and leadership with some simple insight and tools that changed my entire mindset. For that I am forever thankful – Kairos – all day. Thank you for the gift of the Voice of Won. Gratitude is off the charts. – Great team, great coaching and great friendship.

- Joe Bass, Loan Officer and Mortgage Banker with V.I.P. Independent Mortgage
Steve is a coach like no other for the simple fact that he has walked the walk to talk the talk. Steve isn’t just giving you his opinion on how to increase your sales or productivity, he has truly produced a high volume of sales himself. More important than the numbers, is Steve studies everything he preaches and studies how and why things happen within ourselves and our brains. He is a true master of his studies and brings those findings to his students. He listens to his clients and bases his coaching around each person individually. We all know without personal growth we will never grow in our business and Steve does this better than anyone I have met. Steve isn’t just teaching us to have more success financially, he is teaching to grow internally and become a better person to everyone and everything around us which will always lead us to be as successful as we can be!

- Rick Chism, Branch Manager Thrive Mortgage
I started to coach with Steve after 12 years of running what I thought was a successful business into which I was giving my all. I came with the intention and need and start my own team because my 60- 70 hr weeks were wearing me out. Within weeks of beginning I was being stretched beyond my comfort level and completing tasks that I had always said “I don’t do that”. Working me through a change in my mindset led to a change in my actions. I was able to break through the ceilings that I had set for myself and my individual performance improved. With that came the imminent need to expand. Steve walked me through the in-depth interviewing process and leading a team so I was able to hire correctly and not create the revolving door. I had 3 new team members within 5 months and increased my productions numbers by 50% while reducing my working hours by 50% also. Subsequently my family life improved. I am now able to focus much of my time learning, leading others and performing community service weekly. I was a hamster on a wheel. Now those monotonous, repetitive and unfulfilling actions are in my past. I can confidently shift when necessary, grow where needed and enjoy every minute of it.
- Cathy Heshmat , Keller Williams Heritage Realtor
“Steve has been an incredible resource and a wealth of clarity for Rick and I, as we navigate our business growing from a small team to doubling in size. His perspective and ability to help us gain a different mindset by developing the questions we ask, challenging our mindset and changing the tools with which we measure our goals and successes. His leadership and accountability is balanced with grace and his non-judgmental personality have allowed us to grow at our own pace, even through our own individual setbacks. We would not be where we are without Steve! Steve is a man who has been given an incredible gift- of great wisdom, diverse perspective and challenging life experiences. With these gifts, he is able to reach in with both hands and get to the heart of our issues and guide us, so we can push ourselves to become better leaders and business partners.”

Rick Chism & Sheri Walls
Steve Collins - Executive Performance Coach, Business Coach, and Expert Real Estate Coach

Steve Collins

Executive Performance Coach
Business Coach
Expert Real Estate Coach
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San Antonio Plantinum Top 50 Coach and Trainer of the Year

Meet Voice of Won’s Founder and Head Coach, Steve Collins

After building one of the top real estate teams at Keller Williams in San Antonio, Steve’s new passion venture, Voice of Won is here to help you become who God created you to be, so you can do what you know is possible, and have what you desire to have.

Voice of Won was established by Steve Collins in 2015. This program was created because a need arose in the marketplace for an executive coaching program that addressed the needs of the whole person: Spiritual, Growth, Family, Career, Recreation, Physical, Financial, and Technology Habits.

Steve's Accolades
  • Top 1% for sales
  • Productivity Coach at Keller Williams Realty’s #1 office in the world, with over 1050 agents and over two BILLION a year in sales volume
  • President of The Collins Group in San Antonio
  • Author of the Ziglar Legacy endorsed book “Like”
  • Featured on HGTV’s House Hunters TV show
  • SA Platinum Top 50 Trainer of the Year
  • 26 years in the real estate sales business
Facebook Life Image | Steve Collins


By Steve Collins

Why did Zig Ziglar‘s daughter call this book “A refreshingly non-churchy approach to better knowing the heart and character of God?“ Discover for yourself as you explore the adventures of 16 independent, powerful stories that will transport you into a brilliant perspective of the creator of the universe.
A perfect book to bring fresh perspective to those who have called themselves believers for years, and also a powerful tool for people who’ve never wanted anything to do with church, or church folks.

Steve Collins and his family
Steve has been married to his lovely wife Angela for 25 years and they have 7 children! Their family is known for their love of outdoor activities. Steve, Angela and their childen are all athletic, and enjoy 5 a.m. workouts in addition to hiking, biking, swimming, and traveling.

His passion for helping others is immeasurable, and he is known by his colleagues and  friends simply as ‘The 2nd most Powerful, Passionate, and Purposeful Coach and Speaker … EEN DE WORLD!'

Voice of Won Coaches

Our coaches are leaders in their industry, and they share the same passion that you do for growth.
Learn more about each one of them by clicking on their picture or name.
Erika Chapa
Voice Of Won
Amy Carter - Voice of Won Coach
Jeff RistineVoice of Won Coach

Our Philosophy

The Wheel of Life

Our performance coaches don’t just inspire their clients, at Voice of Won, we teach practical tactics and strategies that are proven to work and transcend routine performance blueprints.

Balance and Stability

Balance brings stability, and stability helps build the foundation of success. The Wheel of Life embodies this balance, and will help you and your coach outline your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and cataloging your strengths and weaknesses, our coaches will build a customized success plan for your short and long-term future.
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